Monday, December 17, 2012

Neverending Inspiration of Young Artists

Through an amazing organization called Free Arts NYC, I get to work with the most inspiring young artists each week. With multi-colored Sharpies, paint, pastels, watercolors and clay, kids transform themselves in the most astounding ways. They not only create art, they share ideas with one another and learn to express themselves proudly.

Art, which is so belittled and undervalued in this country, can be the greatest conduit to reinforcing the most positive elements of a child's character. One of the greatest things FreeArts NYC teaches and that kids TRULY learn: "There are no mistakes in Art." This allows them to accept what some might be quick to brand failure. Aside from limitless creativity, they demonstrate cooperation, respect and responsibility. They are our future. Our future is bright.

Last Thursday, we finished our fall semester with an assignment in which the artists worked in groups to create a papier-mache person that encompassed parts of each of their unique identities.

--Tom Eubanks

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kevin McHugh's Pre-Basel Fish GlimmerGlama!!

Beneath a school of Swarovski crystal-encrusted game fish, 
some beloved old school faces @ The OUT Hotel for
Kevin McHugh's brilliant, pre-Basel preview ...

iPhone images: Tom Eubanks

Connie & Kevin
Dierdre & JoJo
JoJo, Dierdre, Tom
Daphne Ruben-Vega (aka "Zubin-Mehta," actually overheard at party) & Connie
Daphne, Tom & Claudia
JoJo, Daphne, Tom, Claudia & Tom
Throwing shade
Casting radiance
Stars of the gorgeous movie "Turning": Connie & Joey
Codie, Connie & Joey
What become legends most ...
Falling out
JoJo & friendly friend, Tom & Kevin
See that chick there? And they cast Lindsay Lohan as Liz Taylor?! 

Like old times ...

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Pucci never knew, girl.